About us

Denka Technology is synonymous with trustworthiness, reliability, safety, loyalty, and integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is crystal clear - to lead in innovative and high-quality installations, repairs, and maintenance services across residential areas, live-in estates, and commercial sectors. We are driven by a vision to prioritize our customers, ensuring their wishes and requirements guide our every action.

Why choose us?

Extensive Industry Experience

With over 23 years in the improvement industry, Denka Technology brings unparalleled expertise to improve your world.

Uncompromising Quality

We maintain the highest industry standards in every installation, repair, and maintenance service, ensuring top-tier improvement solutions.

Innovative & Reliable Solutions

We blend innovation with reliability, staying ahead in improvement tech to offer cutting-edge, dependable services.

Client-Centric Service

Your needs guide our actions. We prioritize your satisfaction, delivering tailored improvement solutions that address your concerns.

Meet our team

Deniz Roux
Deniz RouxDirector/ Manager
Karen Viljoen
Karen ViljoenAdministrator
Christiaan De Jager
Christiaan De JagerSupervisor/Quality Controller
Ockie Viljoen
Ockie ViljoenMarketing Sales
Wesley Drennen
Wesley DrennenTechnician

Denka Technology